Saturday at Heathcote

A great turn out to Heathcote ensured continous classic chevs lining for the quarter mile all day. Phil Marrinon provided interesting commentary from the tower while some quick Chevs provided plenty of action.

Saturday saw a good turn out at Heathcote Drags with the drags starting early and continuing all day.
delivery_drag These two fine delivery sedans lined for some good clean racing. John French’s 57 Delivery later picked up a trophy in the top 10.
Fly 454 was an impressive beast coming runner up in the Drags competition.
Geoff Styles in his Nova was the winner of the dial your own drag comp.
Mick O’Grady and son Tim gave their 400 Chev a good lashing all day competing in the drags, go to whoa and the burnout comp.
When it all got too much, you can always just stand around and watch hey Tony!
Everyone was getting into the action no matter what kind of Chev, car or truck!
Karl Wakartschuk took out the burnout comp in his Kool 57 Wagon with lots of smoke and even burnouts in reverse. The entrants also liked Karl’s wagon gaining a Top 10 spot on Sunday.
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