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Boy, what a month, yeah I know this time of year gets busy with spring creeping up but I seem to do it to myself every time. The usual rush to finish all those projects on our car that should have been addressed during the winter months and a mad rush trying to get organised for our holiday to the US just made things crazy.

Our trip to the States was fantastic. Having only been there once before, many years ago, made it feel like a “first time” experience all over again. My better half, Virginia and daughter Elise had a ball, and vow to get back there again to explore the place in more detail.

Although I didn’t get to do much car stuff, we still managed a short drive on an original part of Route 66, checked out a couple of car museums and a bonus was meeting and giving a talk at a Tri Five Chevrolet Club in San Francisco.

The meeting was arranged by a cousin in San Fran, he had by chance seen a car show in his neighbourhood only a few weeks prior and knowing my passion for cars made it all happen.

The meeting was with the Tri Valley Classic Chev Club (TVCCC). The President, Randy Randleman was very welcoming, he and all the members were keen to hear and share stories and information about our clubs and the car scene in general.  It was a pity we had only limited time to talk, but I’m hopeful we’ll get the opportunity to talk more in the future.

Of the many things discussed, it was interesting that we shared the same thoughts for our hobby. One common point that came to light was the problem finding new members for the sake and longevity for their club. The average age of their members seemed a bit older than our club so they were keen to find ways to get younger people involved for the preservation of their club, not unlike our own club. Our efforts to make all newcomers welcome, either at meetings or on outings was keenly acknowledged. That coupled with a concerted effort to involve all the family makes for a great and welcoming environment for all members, new, young and old.

The other item that generated a lot of the discussion was the fact that we drive everywhere and often long distances, ie. no trailer queens. When I talked about our two brave explorers Karl and Tim and their Darwin trip the Tri Valley guys were amazed. When I mentioned the price of our fuel they must have thought we were mad…

Thanks to Randy and all the members of the Tri Valley club for making me feel so welcome. For more details of their club go to



A few relics from a diner on Route 66 on display in the Victorville Route 66 museum. No pun intended to my beloved wife and daughter!



The price of gas along Route 66 prior to its closure.

IMG_0279 IMG_0288

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