Shifting Gear, Design, Innovation and the Australian Car

The Shifting Gear exhibition is on at the Ian Potter Centre at Federation Square for a limited time. It’s a fantastic opportunity to view some of Australia’s finest cars to emerge from our local automotive industry. It’s impressive to see what we have produced over the years, with some brilliant innovation coming from our shores, well worth a visit and cheap to get in. Before anyone starts complaining that there are no Chevs in the pics, if you are a true car guy or gal it’s still an interesting place to visit.

Below: The Holden EFIJY, built in 2005 as a concept car to showcase Australian talent. A stunning piece of work with a 6 ltr LS2 under the bonnet.


20150627_114240 20150627_114433

Below: wtf? Made by the Hartnett Motor Company between 1949 to 1956. Originall called the Kendall when made in England. I think I can see where they went wrong….


Below: This stunning race car made by Maybach built in 1946 using an engine from a army tank.


Below: You wanted fins?


Below: by Purvis Cars Ltd, the Purvis Eureka F4 built in 1976 is based on the British Nova Kit (which was styled on the Ford GT40) with a VW engine


Below, Paul England “Ausca” powered by that Repco headed side plate Holden engine. Thank’s Bill HINTE for the correct details.


Below: This car needs little introduction, The Barbham BT19, successfully driven by Sir Jack Brabham winning the 1966 Grand Prix. This was the first car which bore a drivers name to win a championship and still has the original engine.


Below: the Humble HQ Monaro built between 71 to 74′. The name Monaro came from a designer who had holidayed in the Cooma Monaro shire and likened it branding to Comaro’a and Marlborough.

20150627_121438 20150627_121545

Below, Torana Concept Car, 1970 with a 3 ltr straight six.


Below: Holden Hurricane couple concept car, built 1969. Mid 4.2 ltr engine with GPS!


Hey Charger! 1971 – 1973, The VH, E49 was the fastest accelerating car made in Australia.


The 1972 Supercar Scare: In June 1972 the manufacturing of Australian supercars came to an abrupt halt when a Sydney Herald Sun motor writer wrote an article on the 160mph super car. This shocked a local MP who was quoted as Horrified in the Heral Sun. The backlash prompted the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport to stop series production car racing, and within just one week all local manufacturers stopped production of High Performace Super cars, the last of which was the much anticipated XA GTHO phase IV Falcon




Below: The Holden Red produced between 1963 – 1984. Released in August 1963 in the EH initially as a 149ci 95 bhp and 179ci 115 bhp. Holden never released the official power figures when use in the Torana XU-1 but it was able to beat the Ford V8 in its heyday.


Below: The Bowell Nagari. 1970 – 1974

20150627_123230 20150627_123255

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